You’ll Never Guess Where We Just Sold An Extremely Complex And Truly Fantastic Lizard Care Sheet! Really, Who Could Believe Such A Thing?

Last week I had the most remarkable experience, an experience so strange and unlikely that I realized I had to tell all the readers of our blog about it.

What happened was that I sold a very complex, fantastically beautiful lizard care sheet to a tow truck driver!—to a man who works for Bloomington Towing Services.

And the reason I sold it to him was because he knew me. He recognized me the instant he set eyes on me!

It’s a very strange story, and I won’t blame you if you don’t believe it.

It all began when my car broke down on I-69, just outside of Bloomington, Indiana. I was driving up from Nashville, heading north to Indianapolis, when suddenly I heard a strange kind of rattle in the engine.

It sounded, at first, like maybe one piston was misfiring or something. But then the rattle got worse, and still worse.

And suddenly my engine was making a terrible racket, and I felt like maybe it might blow up in my face.

So I pulled off the freeway to the soft shoulder, and did a search on my phone for the nearest tow truck company.

It was a place called Bloomington Towing Services. And so instantly I called them up.

The tow truck driver got to me in less than fifteen minutes, and was I happy to see him! Although I know a lot about lizards and snakes and things like that, I don’t know anything about cars. So when something goes wrong I always start to seriously freak out.

While the tow truck was pulling in behind me, I got out of the car, and started walking back towards it.

And then suddenly he jumps down from the cab and he says, Adam Tomlinson! You’re Adam Tomlinson, aren’t you? Aren’t you the guy that teaches how to create beautiful environments for their lizards and snakes and geckos and things?

 I was shocked. How on earth do you know me? I said.

He said that he watched my show every week on the Internet—that he’s been watching it for more than five years already.

Can you imagine that? I live in San Francisco, of course, but I just happened to be driving that day from Nashville to Indianapolis…and as a result I meet a fan from Bloomington.

There’s a lot more to this story. But I’ll put it in my blog tomorrow. You’re just not going to believe what happened after that!

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